New Build

We specialise in commercial and residential new build properties in London

Residential New Builds

Building a new house is a definite way to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Inside and out.

We can help you with your new build plans and always carry out your new build as per your instructions. We understand this is your chance to make your dreams a reality and work with you to ensure everything goes to plan.

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Commercial New Builds

Our team is experienced in working on commercial builds with developers and architects around London. As population grows, so the does the need for better housing.

We follow your plans for the construction of future homes or commercial space and work according to your specifications.

“Nick helped us to get the most efficient rebuilt. Planning and design is at a high standard and very professional good skills for such a huge project. Absolutely recommend NCM Building.”

“NCM team have been amazing to work with. They carried out all the work to our specification and raised concerns where needed. Their commitment to finishing the project to a high standard is sincerely appreciated. “